Discover the Beauty of the Union County Arts Center

If you are interested in discovering new acts and see promising artists in action, you ought to visit the Union County Arts Center. This venue is home to a wide range of events and it takes only minutes to find out something which is interesting for you. However, you should pay attention to the tickets and see when they are available. There are some quite popular acts at the Arts Center and you should book the tickets in advance.

The Union County Arts Center is not a single building; in fact, the complex is composed out of three separate buildings located at distinct addresses. However, finding the building you need will only take a bit of time, as you have both the addresses and locations on the Center’s website. If you have to visit the Mainstage building of the Arts Center, you can be sure that you will step into a world of history.

The building of the Mainstage location was originally a vaudeville theater established in 1928. Since then, the building has been home to a wide range of cultural events and its reputation has been preserved overtime. The building is a historic landmark of the city and it’s always a pleasure to discover the restored architecture which impresses not only on the outside, but also on the inside. You can take one of the 1,300 seats inside and enjoy the show you bought tickets for.

The schedule of the Union County Arts center is quite busy these days and it remains like this all throughout the year. This means that you always have the possibility to purchase tickets for a show. What’s even better is that shows are not one-time gigs; instead, they are played for several times in a row, over multiple days or even weeks, so that everyone interested can enjoy them. If you think about the entrance fees, you shouldn’t be worried at all: most of the venues are reasonably priced and the higher prices are encountered at openings of the new shows. Moreover, if you are an AAA member, it’s enough to show your member card when you purchase the ticket and you will receive a 10% discount for certain spots in the hall. However, even if the Arts Center affords such discounts, donations that keep the place alive are always welcome by the management.

There are plenty of family-friendly shows that you can enjoy here, although there are other acts which might encompass narrower topics, such as those founds on (Read: How Long Should I Last in Bed). However, given the large number of topics covered by the artists who perform in a number of ways, there is always a great opportunity to find something which suits your preferences. All in all, the Union County Arts Center is the perfect place to visit if you want to see fresh acts with a twist. Of course, there are plays and songs that you might already know, but there’s nothing better than seeing them played by the freshest acts out there.

An Exhilarating Place to Spend a Day

An arts center is a place that serves to promote the performance of arts and offer facilities like an arts gallery, a theater stage and stages for musical performances. It may also have a workshop area and educational facility. They are meant to expose, generate, and make accessible art to art enthusiast. These centers also cater tor the needs of artists or companies involved in art creation who want to showcase their work.

There is now way you cannot find what to watch in an arts center. Most arts centers have beautiful, sculptured open air gardens and courtyards to give a very pleasant environment and to engage in various activities. You might find a performance taking place in the theater school some with a studio theater, café and gift shop. You will see great architecture and designs in the exhibitions or galleries.

Most arts centers will fascinate you with world class theater pieces, art exhibitions, film screenings and musical shows . You can also watch internationally renowned acts and performers showcase their talent all at the same location. Some centers have international artefacts on display in their galleries.On a trip to an arts center you will learn the merging of the ancient and the modern history and culture there are indeed a large number of diverse arts and crafts to share with the world and display.

At an arts center you will find varying cultural and performing arts events. Sometimes artistes from all over the world come and perform in these centers. If you want to spend quality time you can watch comedy performances, improve and acrobatics. Some centers also organize yoga, dance and photography shows. If you are wondering what to watch in arts center you will be spoilt for choice as there are numerous activities that you can see. An arts center is the place to learn and see culture of other people.

Women Related Presentations in an Arts Center

An art centre is a place set aside by the community for performances to take place in order to encourage people to get involved in arts. Women were not very involved in arts in history as they are now. There are many presentations that are made by women in arts centers. This includes women of all age groups. This has greatly influenced other women to join in the fun and contribute to enhancing the growth of local and international talents. Some women related presentations in arts centers are discussed below.

The most common presentation done by women is dance. Dance is common among women because they use it to express a lot of issues. There are dances that educate people on various issues such as sex, beauty and rape which sometimes known as “force a girl to squirt“. With dance, women get to express their individuality and encourage others to participate in the arts. Apart from this, the dance is also a good way of advertising in case someone wants to hire them. It is also a way to have fun with other members of the community. it relieves stress and brings people closer.

Another presentation that is made by women in arts centers is general art such as embroidery. Embroidering is one of the ways that women express their individuality. They do this by making unique patterns that can be used as decorations for homes. By presenting their work of art in an arts centre, they get to advertise them for people who would like to buy. It is also a good way of for them to socialize with other women doing the same things in order to learn new things about art. This contributes to the skills of the community and encourages young ladies to join in the fun.

In an arts centre it is also possible to find portraits painted by women. Female artists are becoming quite famous. This is why most communities encourage female artists to display their work in art centers. This is because it is a way to expose them to greater opportunities and also to encourage other ladies to invest in their talents.

Many arts centers today do not have restrictions on presentations. Most presentations that are done by men can be done by women since the world is changing and embracing gender equality. Art is a good way to represent this and to educate others about it.

Union County Arts Center – A Perfect Place for E3

Are you wondering what the E3 is? Union County Arts Center which is a non-profit organization can be called as the perfect place for E3 (Entertainment Education Experimentation). The value of this Arts Center starts right from its location which is easily accessible. For the convenience of the visitors, there are some facilities to improve the accessibility further which are:

  • Accessible Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Assistive Listening System
  • Large Print

A Real Living Landmark:

The Union County Arts Center is popularly called as the living landmark. This is because; this center is experiencing the live performances in a restored movie palace. The seating has been restored to the golden age grandeur. Thus, the Mainstage of the Arts Center is living as a monument to an era past.

Wurlitzer Organ – Adds the Value to the Center:

The original Wurlitzer Organ is being considered one among the most valuable features of this arts center. This is a modest organ with percussives and 500 pipes and was at the heart of preservation effort of 1960s. Since its restoration, this organ is being played regularly and recorded frequently by the celebrity organists as well as volunteers.

Commitments of the Arts Center

The Union County Arts Center is continuously committing to achieve the excellence in arts and humanities. Moreover, it continues to support the community by:

  • Participating in the development of Rahway
  • Revitalizing the local community
  • Providing presentations that reflect the diversity of the local community
  • Encouraging cultural as well as educational opportunities for all age groups
  • Presenting NJ performers as well as artists
  • Preserving Rahway Theatre
  • Gathering support on arts from:

o Businesses

o Individuals

o Governmental bodies

o Other organizations

Four Venues of the Arts Center:

There are four performance venues in the Arts Center:

  • Mainstage: The placement of the Mainstage is very convenient being in the close proximity to a NJ Transit’ railway station. This is the main venue of the growing campus.
  • Hamilton Stage: This venue is featuring the 199-seat theater and was opened during September 2012. The additional spaces at this stage include:

o Spacious 75-seat Fazioli room

o 30-seat multi-purpose room

o Art-filled lobby

o On-site parking

  • The Loft: This is located right between the Mainstage and top floor of the administrative offices. This has a black-box style and is a perfect setting for those performers who are looking to create the real connection with their audience.
  • The Fazioli Room: This is a 55-seat room and is a rehearsal space which is featuring the following:

o Drop-down screen

o Projector

o Audio panel for presentations

Now, I hope that you have understood why I called this Arts Center as the perfect place for E3. Plan a visit to this Arts Center and experience the art at the fullest.

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The Best Arts Centers of the World: Features and Facilities

All of you know what art is, but most of you might be pondering if arts center and art galleries are one and the same. No, they aren’t. Arts center are functional community center which encourage art practices such as providing facilities of theater space, musical concerts, gallery space, technical equipment, workshop areas and etc.

Now let’s talk about the best arts centers across the globe. Here you will get a glimpse of the world famous art centers which you will love to visit:


It is an art center at Rosslyn section of Arlington, Virginia. The center is enclosed of three wonderful visual art galleries, studio space, four performance venues, and 4000 sq foot ballroom with social gathering spots and as well as outdoor terraces. Private events, concerts, live music theater and dance, all these programs are included here.


  • Artisphere is a 220 seat dome theater
  • This is a 125 seat black box theater
  • Actually it is a 387 seat spectrum theater
  • This art center features Retail space for selling crafts

Walt Disney Concert Hall

This great hall was constructed by architect Frank Gehry and was opened in 2003 after many years of claiming. It is located at 111 South Grand Avenue in Los Angeles, California. It is the fourth hall of Los Angeles music center. It was gifted by Lillian Disney in 1987 to build performance venue to the people of Los Angeles as a tribute.


  • Its main access is through a large public space.
  • Facilitated with music center at the very entrance.
  • The large area of 3000 sq m for service areas and exhibitions along with restaurants
  • A park with a capacity of around 2200 cars within seven levels.
  • The most complex and special part is its auditorium with capacity of 2265 people.

 The Oslo Opera House

This art center is located in Bjorvika neighbourhood of central Oslo, at the head of oslofjord. Statsbygg is the agency which is managing it. The structure is covered with Italian marble and white granite that makes it appear to rise from the water.


  • Having 1100 rooms in total it is spread across an area of 38500 sq meters.
  • Comes with standard auditorium seats
  • Includes 200 and 400 seats for other 2 performance spaces
  • Features a 16 m wide and 40 m deep stage

 The Art Center Melbourne

The Art center in Melbourne was originally known to be Victorian Arts Center. It performs arts centers comprising of concert halls and complex theaters in the Melbourne Arts Precinct situated at Central Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


  • A state theater located in theater building for opera and theater performance with a capacity of 2077 seats.
  • Hammer hall, it is a 2661 seat concert hall for contemporary music and orchestra performances.
  • The Play House in the theater building for dances and plays with 822 seats.
  • The Fairfax studio that is a 376 seat theater.

Cidade da musica

It is a cultural complex situated at Barra da Tijuca in Brazil which was originally to be inaugurated in 2004. It is the largest concert hall in South America. This art center is designed by French architect and funded by the city Rio de Jenario


  • Has a modern concert hall with 1780 seats
  • The complex features 12 rehearsal rooms
  • It includes a Chamber music hall
  • Comprises of 3 theaters

These Arts centers are really an amazing place to visit and attend concerts here. Every art lover is suggested to visit these best art centers of the world. They are considered to have a pragmatic influence on the society. All these art centers are built for artists, companies and businesses involved in art making.


Educate, Inspire and Entertain Using Performing Arts

Everybody loves entertainment in one way or the other because it soothes the mind. One such entertainment is performing arts especially for lovers of old classics. Most actors, producers, writers, artists and just about any performer, well known today probably got their talents and inspiration from performing arts. In Union County, New Jersey there is the Union County Performing Arts Center at Rahway, where you are bound to be entertained. Known simply as UCAC, here you are sure of having at least three shows during the week and on both days of the weekend. It is a large complex with four performance spaces to choose from; The Mainstage, Hamilton Stage,The Loft and The Fazioli Room. They all promise to give you that theater like feeling you need to relax. Restored from the Rahway Theater of 1928, the Mainstage has the largest capacity of over 3,000 seats with a modest Wurlitzer organ from the 60s, which is used for live performances (I can almost imagine the sound tracks and effects from old theater productions). The Hamilton Stage is mainly for small events like readings, art galleries and classes. The Fazioli Room, which is mainly for rehearsals, with the wall-length mirrors and for meetings and video presentations. The Loft situated between the top floor of the administration block and the Mainstage. Here you find recitals, acoustic performances, etc in front of a black curtain, thus creating the “black box” kind of feeling of secrecy and discreteness. Okay now that you have a slight idea what to expect when you visit UCAC, why not pay them a visit. If you are a performer (group or individual) you can choose to rent out their space, you can always contact them. If you are looking to offer support in any way, you are most welcome to do so, and it will be highly appreciated. Besides the mission of the staff is to entertain, educate and inspire people, not for profit, but to enhance culture. There is a mix of both old and new acts and performances that will attract people from all age groups. Young kids are encouraged to embrace and nature their talents at UCPAC with events lined up like summer theater camps, mentors in arts and music and On School Time Performances. Students can enroll in the educational programs at reasonable fees. If you plan to visit you can either contact local listings or browse the internet and find their website for more details. Rahway in general is not a very populated city, with about 40,000 people, mostly, but not predominantly, whites. You can find good places to stay and eat if you plan to visit. I think in as far as producing great talent it is worth mentioning that Rahway is/was home for many; Kurt Sutter,Warren and Allan Vache, and a host of other artist too long to mention. In concluding I would say this is surely one of the best arts performing centers I have ever heard about, more so because of the spirit it credits its existence for; achieving excellence in the arts and humanities and supporting community.